Google Workspace for Education: Online Teaching Best Practice to Stay Organised

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Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite for Education) is a suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools that can help tutors stay organized and efficient when delivering online instruction. In this blog post, we’ll share some best practices for using Google Workspace for Education to stay organized and efficient when teaching online.

Google Workspace for education

Google Workspace for Education is more than a search engine or a storage tool. It provides resources and programmes that have completely changed the way the old educational system operated. Communication, collaboration, and feedback are made simple, quick, and efficient with Google Workspace for Education. These offer a simple means for collaboration, innovation, and organization, say the students and teachers.

Google Workspace for Education is used by more than 1 million students and educators.

How to use Google Workspace for Education?

To start using Google Workspace for Education, download Google Chrome to the device. This would enable students to log in to Chrome and maintain their school account and work distinct from other accounts while using shared devices at home, as well as provide them some experience with Google Workspace and Google Classroom. Chrome is best used on a Windows, Mac OS, or Chromebook that has a keyboard and mouse. For tablets and other mobile devices, it is also available for download for iOS and Android.

You can login in to your school Google account after downloading and installing Google Chrome on your PC or MAC. It is advised that you sign in as a new user in Google Chrome so that you can create a separate desktop shortcut for your school account, which will keep it separate from any other accounts you may have at home.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a collection of online tools that tutors can use to assign tasks, receive homework, evaluate papers, and then return them with corrections. It was developed to eliminate the use of paper in the classroom and enable online learning. At first, it was intended to be used with laptops in classrooms, such as Chromebooks, to improve information sharing between tutors and pupils.

With Google Classroom, teachers can easily use paperless instruction. Google Classroom integrates with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Earth, Calendar, and Gmail. Google Hangouts or Meet can be added for in-person live tutoring or inquiries.

Students can access all these Google goods via a web browser on a Windows PC, MAC, or chromebook device as well as via a chrome browser on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet if they log in with their Google School account. These are available for download as standalone apps from the Android or iOS app stores.

Teachers have the option of adding students automatically as a classroom group or sending them a code invitation to join the class. Each class creates its own folder in the student’s Google Drive after the student submits the homework. Teachers and students can share files from other apps, take images and attach them to assessments, and access information using mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices by logging into their school Google accounts. Teachers can monitor each student’s performance and give feedback to each student on their own work.

Why Google Workspace for Education?

As already said, Google Workspace Education is a straightforward, adaptable, and safe tool that contributes to the improvement of education. It simplifies collaboration, speeds up education, and maintains the integrity of the classroom environment. Let’s examine in more depth why Google Workspace for Education ought to be on your list.

  • Improve class instruction: Better collaboration and connections are made possible with Google Workspace for education.
  • Enhance productivity: You can create, arrange, share, and evaluate in one location.
  • Enhance students’ progress: Utilize easy tools to encourage learning and assist your students in submitting their best work.
  • Secure your school data: Use the proactive security features to secure everyone’s work, identity, and privacy safely.

Google Workspace for Education edition

Google Workspace for Education comes in a variety of editions. You can select the edition that is appropriate for your organization.

  • Google Workspace for Education standard: Improve your level of security, analytics, and controls to protect yourself from growing digital dangers. It includes the following elements:
  • Includes a security hub to detect, locate, and fix attacks in advance.
  • An advanced device and app control is put into place to conduct audits, implement privacy and app access laws, and so on.
  • Includes the export of the Gmail log and the class log for BigQuery research and analysis.

The following is a list of some new features in this edition:

  • Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals: Bring your school community together with a set of tools that encourage better communication and collaboration. This edition includes key educational elements and resources like:
  • Features a wide variety of collaboration tools, including classroom, forms, documents, sheets, slides, and more.
  • Communication platforms like chat, gmail, and google meet.
  • Security against data loss for Drive and Gmail.
  • Can be utilized while adhering to FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR
  • Development in teaching and learning: Improved learning environments, cutting-edge video communication, and academic integrity-promoting tools all help to increase the effect of education. It contains all elements of fundamental education.
  • Meet allows for meetings with up to 250 people and live streams with up to 10,000 viewers.
  • Includes premium meet engagement features like breakout rooms, surveys, and interactive Q&As.
  • Includes the option to search a private archive of prior student work for peer matches and an unlimited number of original reports.
  • The edition will soon include the classroom add-ons for easily integrating your favorite tools and materials.
  • Soon, the edition will have capabilities like the ability to create dynamic assignments with practice sets utilizing both new and old data.
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus: Gsuite Enterprise for Education was the previous name for Google Workspace for Education Plus. A viable approach that includes improved training, learning tools, improved security and insights can completely alter your institution. This edition also incorporates components of teaching and learning improvement as well as standards for education. Let’s have a look at them:
  • Google Meet makes it possible for meetings with up to 500 participants and live broadcasting with 100,000 in-domain viewers.
  • Enables direct record synchronization between any student information system and the classroom.
  • Provides a personalized cloud search for your site that makes it simple to retrieve and locate the data.
  • Allows the creation of apps using AppSheet. It doesn’t call for any coding expertise.
  • A team of education specialists will respond as soon as possible.
  • A feature that allows existing and new content to be transformed into interesting, interactive evaluations with practice sets will shortly be included in the edition.

Every Google Workspace for Education edition includes the following:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Meet
  • Sheets
  • Docs
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Classroom
  • Assignments
  • Sites
  • Groups
  • Drive
  • Admin
  • Tasks
  • Jamboard

These components can be used for connection, control, accessibility, and collaboration. Let’s take a quick look at each component’s potential uses.

DOCSEnables real-time document editing and co-creation
SheetsEnables collaboration on spreadsheets
FormsAllows working together on presentation
SlidesUses to create quizzes and surveys
ClassroomEvaluate growth anywhere
AssignmentsLets you evaluate with your existing LMS to save time
SitesEnables creation of simple websites easily
GroupsTopics can be shared and discussed together
Doc ApprovalDirectly broadcast approvals within the drive.
AppSheetAllows creating apps without coding knowledge
TasksAllows you to keep up with your tasks
GmailInstitutional email
CalendarUsed to plan important days such as tasks, interviews, classes, and so on
MeetUsed for video conferencing
Cloud SearchAids consumers in finding pertinent information fast when needed
StorageIt serves as a secure repository for Gmail, Drive, and Photos
SupportOffers support on the phone, email, and online
Security CenterSafeguard against dangers and automate surveillance
Security Investigation ToolFix spamming, hacking, and other issues
eDiscoveryUtilized for files, chats, and emails
AdminUtilized for administrative and security controls

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, Google Workspace for Education provides a number of online tutoring best practices to help educators stay organized. These tools can be used to create and manage class schedules, keep track of assignments and deadlines, and communicate with students and parents. Google Workspace for Education is a valuable resource for educators looking to improve their teaching practice. If you found this article helpful, please like, follow, and comment.

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