How to Build An Online Coaching Website Like Make It Easy?

how to create and sell online test series

Make It Easy is the top online coaching center for mechanical engineers, focusing on getting them selected for SSC-JE, RRB, DRDO, NTPC, UKSSSC, UKPSC, THDC, ICG, SAIL, UTC, ALIMCO, SJVN, HPCL, and other state level and PSU Exams. The institute focuses on four areas of students’ lives: health, education, hands-on experience with their talents, and opportunity to direct their careers. Make It Easy is setting new standards in the mechanical engineering industry, putting forth all of its resources to support students’ lives from good health to a bright future.

The Make It Easy app can be downloaded from the playstore. The app can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The app has the following features:

Test series: The test series contains mock tests based on the latest exam pattern with solutions.

Free quizzes: Free chapter wise quizzes are available to speed up the preparation.

Study material Pdfs: Study materials PDFs created by the best and experienced faculties available.

Make It Easy has released several batches, each with its own price. Apart from that, the website has YouTube videos that anyone can view.

Let’s design an online coaching website like Make It Easy!

Are you interested in making money online? Then this is your chance to make money from the convenience of your own home. Easily create and sell test series. But how? To profit from test series/quizzes, etc., you must create a website similar to Make It Easy. Let’s look at how to make a website like Make It Easy.

A website must include the following elements:

Navigation bar: The top navigation bar must contain a logo, the dropdown menu, login/register button.

The dropdown menu should have the following:

Online courses: This section must inform you about the online courses provided by the online academy.

Books: The book section must contain the books provided/launched by the online coaching institute.

Free classes: The free classes section must contain the free sessions and the solved question papers.

Study Material: The study material section must contain the study material in the form of PDF created by experienced faculties. It can also have paid materials which requires students to pay in order to access them.

Test series: The test series menu must have the tests. These tests can be free or paid. Educators must create the tests and upload them on the website. Students can practice these tests to prepare for the actual examination.

Current Affairs: Include the ongoing worldwide matters in this section.

Practical Proofs: This section must have videos explaining the concepts. For instance, the Make It Easy website consists of videos related to fluid mechanics in this section.

Startups: This section can have the ideas for start up, working models, startup guidelines.

Pre-footer: The pre-footer must contain a brief description about the online institute, contact information such as email address, phone number, and address and quick links to the social media handles.

Footer: The footer must contain the copyright information.

Final thoughts!

This post will show you how to create a website similar to Make It Easy. Students preparing for state level and PSU exams can use this website for online tutoring. This article is an excellent guide to design a website to create and sell test series. Stay up to date on the newest in online tutoring by following and commenting on this page.

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