How to Build An Online Tutoring Website Like Exams Fighters

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Exam fighters strive to motivate students preparing for competitive tests to stay focused by providing live lectures, test series, study material, quizzes, and exam-specific notes.

Why Exam Fighters?

The Exam Fighters provide a mobile application that can be downloaded from the playstore.

The app provides:

Understanding: Customer’s issues are acknowledged.

Questioning: Ask as many questions as possible to understand the root cause of the problem.

Presenting: Provide solutions to the problem and the work plan.

Monitoring: Provide a one year surveillance plan to sustain the development.

The Exam Fighters also provide free YouTube classes. Exam Fighters has launched many batches starting from the lowest price ever.

Build an online tutoring website like Exams Fighters!

Let’s create a website for online coaching similar to Exam Fighters. But how? The techniques outlined below will walk you through how to construct a website that looks like exam fighters.

Header: The header must include the online academy logo, top navigation bar and login & register button.

Navigation bar: The navigation bar is a vital feature of every website since it allows us to quickly navigate to different sections of the site.

Include the following in the top navigation bar:

Home: The home option takes us to the website’s main page. The home page is the primary page of the website and contains information such as a brief description of the online academy, services, and contact information. Keep the home page simple by including only the most essential information.

Live classes: The live classes section should include details on the live classes available for a certain topic. This option can be tailored to meet the needs of live classes on a certain topic or theme.

Test series: The test series section must include a dropdown displaying the online academy’s test series. This option must take users to a page that contains test series plans and packages.

TimeTable: The time table option should take us to a website with the schedule of classes’ timetable.

Quiz: The quiz option should include a quiz on numerous topics such as general knowledge (GK), current affairs, general awareness and much more.

Current affairs: The current affairs section must include all the information about the current affairs in the world.

Discussion panel: The discussion panel or a forum is a section where discussion takes place. Here tutors and students can discuss topics with each other, students can ask questions, tutor and fellow batchmates can clear the doubts and much more.

Score Booster: In this section students can take up mock tests for competitive exams like CAT, banking, railways and so on to prepare well for the actual examination.

Refund & policy: The refund & policy section must explain the refund & policy and the privacy policy in detail.

Login: Visitors can login the website using the credentials.

Register: If you are not registered then you can register at the website by providing the necessary details.

Pre-footer: The pre-footer must contain a brief description of the online academy, quick links to the important pages and social media handles, contact details, address.

Footer: The footer must contain the copyright information, and quick links to the  refund and privacy policy.

FAQs: FAQs are also an important part of any website. This section provides the most frequently asked questions from the visitors/customers. One can get answers for the problem they are looking for without having to post them in the discussion panel.

Wrapping up!

This article walks you through how to build a website like Exams Fighters. This website provides online tutoring services for students preparing for exams. If you are interested in starting your own online tutoring business, this is a great article to read. Plus, by following and commenting on this article, you can stay up-to-date on the latest in online tutoring.

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