How to Build An Online Tutoring Website Like Rankupdigital?

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The pioneers in giving the best tutoring for board examinations, rankup education is well-known for IIT JEE coaching for JEE Main and Advanced. Rank Up has a team of highly experienced tutors with years of experience in a variety of fields. Many IIT aspirants have achieved their goals thanks to their in-depth knowledge of their topics and tutoring skills.


The purpose of Rankup is to enable students to pursue their educational and professional goals and achieve their aspirations. They created their syllabus with the goal of providing high-quality education to pupils around the country.


Rankup wants to make pupils strong enough to compete. The institute’s goal is to provide high-quality education to every child, regardless of their location (rural, suburban, or urban) at effective costs. Rankup aspires to assist students in taking the next step toward achieving their goals and contributing to society.

Why should you choose Rankup?

Personal tutoring: Rankup provides personal tutoring. A personal tutor would be tracking a student’s progress every week.

Designed curriculum: Rankup’s structured course package include detailed study material, classroom learning and much more to ensure student success in the examination.

Multiple learning options: The available online courses can be watched multiple times and the tests series can be attempted multiple times.

Rankup courses

There are numerous courses available on rankup, each with a distinct price range.

Rankup app

The Rankup mobile application is available at the playstore and can be freely downloaded. Students can prepare for their examinations at any time and from anywhere using this app.

Let’s build an online tutoring website like Rankupdigital!

Follow the instructions below to create a website similar to Rankup Digital.

Home page: The home page is the core of a website. It must include a navigation bar containing the various sections of the website, a brief description of the online academy, mission & vision, the courses offered, reason to choose the online academy, and some quick links to important pages.

Navigation bar: The top navigation bar must include the online academy logo, and other elements listed below:

  • Home: A website’s home page is its heart. It must have a navigation bar with quick access to crucial sites, a brief description of the online academy, purpose & vision, courses offered, and reasons to choose the online academy.
  • Courses: The courses section must have dropdowns mentioning the courses available at the site.
  • Discussion: The discussion section is a forum where discussion takes place between the students and the tutors. Students can get their doubts cleared from their tutors or other batchmates in the discussion forum. They can also have a casual discussion and know each other well.
  • Register: Students can get registered at the site by providing the important information.
  • Login: Students can login to the website using the credentials if they are already registered at the site.
  • Footer: The footer must contain contact information such as email address, phone number and the address of the institution. It must also have quick links to the social media handles and some important pages. Including a copyright notice in the footer is a must.

Final thoughts!

The procedures to easily establish a website comparable to Rankup digital are detailed in this post. This will be a wonderful help if you want to design anything similar. We’d love to hear from you, so please like the page and leave your thoughts below.

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