How to sell your online Courses through Facebook?

Sell online courses using facebook

Nowadays, many people are preferring to learn things online. There is no doubt that an online course can provide more flexibility than a traditional course. However, it is not easy for the instructor to reach the target audience with most of the social media platforms. Facebook is one of the most popular social media channels in the world and therefore creating a facebook page for your online course can be highly beneficial.

Facebook is the leading social media platform with over 2 billion users worldwide. It has evolved into a place where you can promote your business and brand, build relationships with customers and even sell products. Facebook marketing can be difficult to master, especially if you are a beginner. However, the effort will be well worth it as it’s one of the most effective ways to reach out to new customers and increase sales.

You can promote your courses with facebook ads and also by posting updates related to your course. To make the most out of this strategy you need to post content that will be shared with friends or family, things like funny pictures or videos are more likely to be shared than sales posts.

In this article, we’ll look at how to use Facebook to sell online courses.

Create a business page

The introduction of Facebook Business Pages has opened up a new world of opportunities for brands to connect with their customers. If you haven’t already, it’s time to create your own business page. Make sure to include the following elements: enticing cover photo, optimized “About” section with information about your online course philosophy and service information, and an effective call-to-action button that incorporates a special offer or coupon code (if applicable).

You can create a facebook business page from your own profile or from scratch. Give your business page a name and add an image to it. Provide a username same as your facebook business page or at least close it to avoid confusion.

Add relevant information such as your address, contact number, email address, services. Use relevant keywords while filling up the details. This will give detailed information about your business to your visitors building which inturn builds trust and your position in the market.

Maintain consistency

Post on your Facebook business page on a regular basis to add value to your page and keep your audience engaged. Another critical factor is the posting of high-quality content. Posting on a regular basis does not imply that you must only post about your business, as this may bore your audience. Post high-quality content because it is more important than quantity.

Creating useful content will increase the number of followers and likes on your page. Use polls to engage your audience and learn about their likes and dislikes.

Interaction is a must

Being isolated makes it impossible to establish a strong online presence. It is critical to interact with your audience in order to generate genuine leads that will assist you in selling your courses.

Many course creators create their business pages but do not achieve the desired results. This happens because the Facebook algorithm favours pages with high levels of engagement. Before posting, analyse the content and ensure that it promotes meaningful conversations.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is a very powerful tool to reach your audience and get the word out about your online courses.

With Facebook ads, you can target your ideal customers with precision. Whether you’re launching a new course or want to sell more of your existing courses, there are several easy ways to set up your first ad campaign.

To get started, click the “Boost Post” button on the top right corner of any post. If you’re boosting a page’s post, select an objective from the drop-down menu and customize your budget and schedule.

Facebook’s paid ads are a powerful feature. They are extremely targeted and have the potential to reach thousands of people in a matter of hours.

The best thing about Facebook ads is that they have no budget. You can begin with a small amount and work your way up. You can invest in advertisements later, depending on your budget.

There are three types of facebook ads that will help you convert your leads into sales.

  1. Traffic campaigns : As per the name, the aim of these ads is to drive traffic to your website. Running video ads could fetch you greater results. Record a self introductory video explaining about you and your course.

Send your target audience to your course webpage. Include appealing and melodic copy when creating the ad. Finally, include a call to action, such as “learn more.”

  1. Lead generation : Lead generation is a process of generating interest in a product or service, also known as a lead and converting them into customers. Lead generation is commonly done online through various means of contact forms and landing pages. 

In the modern business world, it has become increasingly necessary to have constant internet connectivity, whether you own a small business or work for a large corporation.

Lead generation allows you to target the audience you specified in your traffic campaign. This makes them aware of your brand.

The question is, do they trust you?

Testimonials can help you gain their trust. Video testimonials are extremely appealing and aid in the development of trust.

You should not be concerned if you are a newcomer with no testimonials. You can entice your audience by offering them a free course or a free live webinar that you plan to hold.

Offering a free course increases the likelihood of your audience registering, from which you can obtain their email address and contact information.

This will assist you in constructing an email list that can be used for email marketing purposes.

For these ads, write longer content and include a catchy image from one of your previous webinars or a mini-teaser of your course. Conclude it with a call to action, such as sign up.

  1. Purchase Campaign : The purchase campaign is the final stage of a sales campaign. When you reach this stage, the cold leads appear to have been converted into your followers or warm leads. Redirect these leads to your website where they can buy your course. Make offers on your courses or set a deadline. For example, you could inform your audience that you only have a limited number of seats available and that customers must act quickly to secure them.

Facebook Groups

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting involved in these Facebook groups. Some are dedicated to the topic they are formed around, others are just pages where everyone can share whatever they want. It seems like a good idea to get involved in these because it is  an excellent place to engage with your target audience and build a community around your brand.

They can be a great way to gather customer insights, conduct market research, share product updates, publicize events, and more, but there’s also the risk that you’ll lose focus on building links or providing value to your audience by spending too much time in these groups.

There is a way to use Facebook groups depending on whether it is your own or someone else’s.

Let’s have a look at both the groups:

  • Other Group : Using someone else’s group to sell your courses is a simple process. You can simply drop your best content into the group by treating it like an email list.

Join a group that allows its members to post content on a daily basis. The majority of people who create a Facebook group do so to sell their courses. People are hesitant to join such groups because they are extremely restrictive in terms of what can be posted. Generalized groups, on the other hand, are preferred.

Other people’s groups have a set of rules that you must agree to before joining. Join no groups that do not allow you to post content or videos. Prefer groups where people can post anti-spam content. Begin posting your content and participating in the community as soon as you join. Participating in the community is important because people may believe you are not a part of the community. As a result, dripping your content is insufficient.

Post questions, participate in general discussion, answer questions, as these are the key to success.

  • Own facebook group : It is required to have your own Facebook group. Determine whether your group will be free or paid. You can get as many members as you want and start as many discussions as you want with a free group by posting questions, uploading videos, streaming live, and so on.

The first step is to make your group valuable and to build a community around it.

Do not ignore the questions. Answer the questions, provide valuable advice and allow other people to participate as well.

Once the free group has proven its worth, you can start posting content by promoting offers and monthly webinars in order to nurture the group.

If you decide to create a paid Facebook group, name it after a specific goal. Create a specific coaching offer that is appropriate for the group. In exchange for a monthly fee, you will create content and deliver it to the group. Paid groups are an excellent way to begin making money on Facebook.

Facebook Live Streaming

Today, Facebook Live is available to anyone with a smartphone and the ability to stream live content in real time. It’s an incredible opportunity for businesses to reach consumers in an authentic way, but it’s also uncharted territory for many marketers.

Facebook Live is an excellent way to build brand awareness, connect with customers, and show the personality of your business. When you host a Facebook Live event, you are able to reach an audience who may not be subscribed to your page. By hosting live events on Facebook, you are able to engage in real time conversation with your followers about current or upcoming promotions about products which can drive sales.

How to use facebook live to sell your online courses?

Instead of using the regular Facebook application, download and use the Facebook Creators App. This must be followed because the Facebook Creators App is preferred by the Facebook algorithm.

You can stream live from your smartphone.

To sell online courses, three types of live content must be created.

  1. Interview: Because this is a natural type of live content, conduct an interview with one of your students or an expert.
  1. Seminars/Workshops: Seminars are 30-90-minute classes in which you teach a specific topic related to your main course and offer a discount on your course at the end of the class.
  1. Social media proof: Social proofs are a means to show your audience all of the wonderful things you do, such as meetups and concerts.

Direct message

One of the simplest ways to sell courses on Facebook is to message people who like, comment, or react to your postings. People are more likely to open a Facebook message than an email, according to studies. This may appear to be time-consuming, but once you get a sense of your basic sales sequence, you will be able to automate it.

You must thank those who respond to your posts and inquire whether they are interested in your courses whenever you receive a response. People may inquire about the fee, timings, specials, and other topics, so your response must be tailored to their specific needs. You must respond appropriately.

Instead of immediately pitching your course, explain how it will benefit them and whether they would be interested in enrolling if you offered a discount.

Manually texting customers is time consuming and frustrating at times, but if you do it every time you publish content, you will earn sales.


Chatbots are a feature of artificial intelligence and natural language processing that allows you to communicate with other users through messenger services. Chatbots can be used for customer service, recruitment or even dating.

It enables communication between a human and a machine, which can take the form of messages or voice commands. A chatbot is designed to work without the assistance of a human operator.

Chatbots are very useful in customer service. They save you time and energy on answering questions that customers frequently ask. You can direct them to the chatbot or give an answer for them if it’s not too complicated. Chatbots also help you with automation. If your bot gets an order, it can automatically send out a shipping notification to the customer and arrange for shipping of the ordered goods within the shortest possible time which saves you more time and energy.

They’re also used as smart assistants within messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger or Kik. Facebook is one of the most popular areas where chatbots are deployed.

Things you must avoid!

  1. Running paid campaign first: A client must first travel through the early phases of your sales funnel before you can offer them to buy your course. Many course makers start with the buying campaign, only to waste the money they invested on the ad.
  1. Target cold audience: Many course creators initiate buy campaigns right after the traffic campaign, rather than cultivating a cold audience.

If your audience doesn’t trust you, they won’t buy your course. As a result, employ retargeting advertising to earn your audience’s confidence. Use reviews or social proof to back up your claims.

  1. No strategy: If you want your advertising to be successful, you need to understand why you’re running them. Before beginning any campaign, create a strategy. Understand why you’re running your campaign and what you want to achieve at the end.

What is your ultimate objective? To draw attention to your course, raise brand recognition, or sell it?

Being aware of these factors will help you achieve your goals.


As you can see, there are many ways to use Facebook to promote your online courses. Start using these strategies today, and you’ll start seeing more sales in no time.

In this article, we’ve covered a few ways you can use Facebook to promote your online course. We hope these tips have been helpful! If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know by liking or following our page today.

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