How To Start A Successful Yoga Business By Online Teaching

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The benefits of a yoga practice are widely known, but for many people, the fear of not being able to keep up or not having a personal instructor nearby deters them from practicing. With online yoga classes, this is no longer an issue. Starting an online yoga teaching business is a great way to make a living while helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. Here are the steps you need to take to start your own successful online yoga teaching business.

Why should you offer yoga online classes?

Yoga has grown a thriving internet community.

With the advent of yoga instruction on Instagram and YouTube, you may have already seen this. Through online yoga lessons, many instructors have reached millions of people.

They’re well-liked for two reasons:

  • On their own time, students can connect with their favorite yogis.
  • Instructors can reach out to a worldwide audience and build an online community.

Taking yoga classes online allows you to start a yoga business without the restrictions of traditional studios. It puts you in command and allows you to concentrate on assisting your audience.

You can gain access to a slew of other advantages when you create your own independent platform:

  • Bring a worldwide community together: Guide a whole community to greater health, happiness, and mental tranquility.
  • Gain location independence: Teaching classes, create videos, and connect with your community from any location.
  • Earn passive income: Earn money while you sleep, eat, and stretch to generate additional income.
  • Help an infinite number of people: the number of individuals you can influence with your yoga practise is limitless.
  • Earn from social media content: Make money from the posts and videos you generate and publish on social media.

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What is an online yoga studio and why should you own one?

Online yoga studios are membership services that allow you to charge a fee for premium yoga lessons to your consumers.

You can set up an online studio using a video streaming provider. It’s a website where you can share all of your yoga instructions, routines, and videos.

You will be able to do the following using this online studio:

  • Provide training classes that are simple to understand.
  • Create a yoga community on the internet.
  • Make direct contact with your target audience.
  • You are allowed to scale this type of business model infinitely because the world functions online. You can motivate and connect with numerous students globally. Teaching yoga online is without a doubt the most profitable way to expand, assist, and motivate your community.

How to create online teaching studio in less budget?

Teach yoga online in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Select your niche

Before you begin teaching online yoga sessions, you must first identify a niche that will appeal to your target audience. Pick a niche that will set you apart from the competition.

What can you do to make your yoga practice stand out?

  • Have a distinct perspective on awareness and overall well-being.
  • Attend to the needs of busy business people.
  • Students should be taught how to generate their own flows.
  • Prenatal and postnatal yoga are the main topics of discussion.
  • Provide a comprehensive guide for new students.
  • Yoga can be used to assist people in becoming better athletes.

Step 2: Discover your style by creating few videos

Once you figure out what you want to teach it is time to experiment. Dedicate some time to try out unique ways of teaching on camera and find a style that makes you comfortable.

There are three different styles to choose from:

  1. Studio presentation: This is where you can teach from your mat, just like you would in front of a group of students.
  2. Class instruction: In the studio, record your live classes and post them on your website. If you’re live broadcasting your classes, this is a great alternative, but it can feel impersonal.
  3. Follow-along instructions: You’ll be performing the routines for your students and giving voice over instructions. This is the most popular approach among the online yoga community because it eliminates the need to multitask. This does not necessitate talking while doing various asanas.

Step 3: Create an online yoga website

Your membership program’s marketplace is your website. This is where committed customers can learn more about your online courses, check costs, and determine if your yoga style is suited for them. To boost your online visibility and attract the proper people into your community, you should establish a professional-looking website.

Remember that creating a website does not necessitate a graduate degree.

Step 4: Select on a marketing strategy and set your prices

Yoga instructors face a constant conflict with cost. Charges at a studio may differ from those in online classes.

Sell your videos with these 3 conventional models:

  1. AVOD – Ad-Based Video On Demand: When you don’t charge for your video but instead insert advertising before, during, or after it, similar to how videos on a YouTube channel function, you can use AVOD. This is not suggested for usage while teaching yoga online because it is an insecure and unreliable source of income at first.
  1. TVOD – Transactional Video On Demand: You can charge your consumers for a single video on TVOD. You can sell your customers unlimited access to the video or rent it to them for a set amount of time. When selling access to a certain course, this strategy comes in handy. This strategy has the advantage of allowing you to charge a larger fee. The disadvantage is that payments are not regular, necessitating ongoing promotion.
  1. SVOD – Subscription Video On Demand: Yoga instructors use subscription income as a pricing mechanism to build powerful, community-driven membership sites.

Customers pay a monthly or annual price to have full access to your films. As long as they pay, they can view the content by logging into your site. Even if the point of purchase is lower, your income is recurring, and your earnings can progressively increase over time. Retaining existing clients is more profitable than acquiring new ones.

Step 5: To grow your community, create a user pipeline

A user funnel is a technique for bringing new people into your community on a regular basis. When it’s up and running, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that fresh potential customers are constantly watching your material and visiting your website.

Wrapping up!

This post has laid out the stages for starting a successful yoga business through online teaching. I hope you found this blog to be informative. Vidu is always available to assist you with your online yoga adventure!

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