How to Teach Cooking Online & Monetize Your Skills (Guide)

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Are you an amateur or professional chef looking for a way to share your skills with more people? Or maybe you’re someone who loves to cook but doesn’t have the time to do it often. How about turning your cooking skills into an online course that other people can learn from? Sounds great, right? In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to teach cooking online and how you can monetize your skills.

Find your expertise

There are numerous cooking classes available on the internet, all of them are very popular and have a large number of subscribers. To begin offering cooking classes online, you must first identify your niche. You must decide whether you want to teach a certain cuisine (sweets, baking, traditional dishes, snacks, healthy drinks, diet food, etc.) or everything. It is a better idea to teach a certain cuisine rather than all of them, since this will attract a larger audience and boost your following.

Find your target audience

Determine who your target audiences are. Conduct study into how the niche you’re teaching will pique people’s curiosity. Conduct a competitive analysis to determine what your competitors are delivering to their audiences, whether they are putting their all in the content they provide, whether their audiences are satisfied with it, where they are lacking, and so on. After you’ve done your research, be sure to improve on the content your competitors are supplying and fill in the gaps where they’re missing out. Read the comments and feedback to get a sense of what the audience is looking for.

Record your classes

It’s time to start filming your cooking classes once you’ve decided on your specialty and identified your target audience. To record your classes, you’ll need a decent setup and, most importantly, you’ll need to record them in a calm environment. Your classes will be more fascinating and seamless if you record them in a peaceful location. Background noise in the classroom will cause a lot of disruption, and your students will lose interest in watching your videos.

How to create online teaching studio in less budget?

Host your classes

You’re all set to host your lessons, but where should they be held? There are numerous online course creation platforms available to assist in the creation and selling of online courses. You should do some thorough study on these platforms to see if they match your needs. Do not invest in any platform impulsively because there are numerous platforms in the digital world, and not all of them are trustworthy or created similarly. There’s a chance you’ll become a victim of fraud as well.

Create and sell your cooking classes on ViDU-India’s leading eLearning course creation platform!

ViDU is a software-as-a-service platform that allows course creators to profit from their hobby by promoting their courses. It provides all of the software solutions that its members require to design and sell their courses.

The platform was designed with the intention of making quality education more accessible to people living in remote locations. Coaching institutes and organizations can also benefit from ViDU’s assistance in raising revenue.

ViDU has a slew of amazing tools that make creating, uploading, and selling online content a breeze for course developers. It’s a platform that’s quite easy to use. On the site, course producers can choose whether to promote their courses as paid or free.

ViDU prefers to introduce cutting-edge technologies after receiving input from customers. Interactive live class technology that does not rely on a third party, such as YouTube, is one such example.

ViDU is distinguished from the competitors by a number of qualities.

Market your courses!

In online business, marketing is really important. You can promote your online cookery course in a variety of ways. Because social media platforms are so widely used nowadays, they are an excellent way to promote your courses. Other strategies to advertise your courses include blogging and one-on-one interactions with family and friends, which is the quickest way to get the word out about your course.

How to promote courses through instagram?

Promote your courses on YouTube

How to promote your courses through blogs?

How to sell your online Courses through Facebook?

Price your courses!

It’s time to start putting a price tag on your classes. Make a price list for each of your lessons. Examine your competitors’ pricing to discover what they’re charging, and don’t charge the same price for your courses that they are. On their first day, you could even give your students a free class. You can also provide discounts on your courses depending on the occasion.

Unique ways to monetize your cooking skills!

Create a food blog

Start a YouTube channel

Offer different prices

Conduct live classes


Design your own website

Design subscription sites

Turn into a recipe writer



Wrapping up!

Teaching cooking online is a great way to make money from your skills. This article outlined a few ways to get started and how to monetize your cooking classes. By following the tips in this article, you can start teaching cooking classes online and making money from your skills.

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