Live Class Software Solutions: The Tutoring Software You Should Know

live tutoring software

Live Class Tutoring Software is a new and effective solution for tutoring centers, online learning sites, language schools and other educational businesses.

The specialized training software solutions help educators and tutors to perform online one-on-one and group lessons with students effectively. These solutions are an affordable and effective way for teachers to conduct live classes with students across the globe, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

The Live Class Tutoring Software provides different features which are important to manage your classroom activities. The Live class software focuses on the three primary areas of education: teaching, learning and assessment.

Using Live Class tutoring software, teachers can share video, voice, text and files with students; they can interact directly with their students resulting in strengthening their bond with them.

There are various tutoring software solutions available and there is a major confusion about the best solution. This post will help you in understanding which solution is right for what purpose.

The following is a list of live class software applications that have been designed for this purpose.

  1. ViDU-Live tutoring software

Vidu tech is an online tutoring software that assists course creators in developing and selling their online courses. The company was founded with the goal of making educational resources more accessible to rural children.

ViDU enables individual course creators to pursue their passion while earning a steady income, coaching institutes to increase their number of students and brand awareness, and training organizations to increase their revenue.

ViDU is a live classes tutoring software with a plethora of user-friendly features. The software makes it simple to create and sell live classes. Using ViDU technology, educators can hold trouble-free live classes. Tutors can interact with their students without relying on a third-party platform such as YouTube.

A quick look at the features that set ViDU apart from the competition.

  • Tutors can upload a variety of educational materials to ViDU, including videos, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, and mock tests.
  • Tutors can answer their students’ questions in private, without disrupting the rest of the class.
  • There is an online discussion area where tutors and students can exchange ideas.
  • Videos can be bookmarked minute by minute.
  • Without relying on a third-party platform like YouTube, tutors may conduct live classes with ease and connect directly with their students. ViDU has modified this feature in response to consumer input.
  • The security of content is of the utmost importance. The platform does not permit video downloads, screenshots, or screen recording.
  • ViDU generates student reports and analytics. With a single click, tutors can obtain detailed information about their students’ performance in the course, attendance, and other factors.
  • The platform offers a personalized website with scrolling banners to make it appear more professional.
  • ViDU has worked hard to create an android mobile application that will allow students to learn on the go.
  • Tutors can teach from their own website and mobile application using ViDU.

VIDU – Live Classes Tutoring Software for Course Creators

Learn everything you need to know about conducting live classes with ViDU.

  1. Zoom- for interactive classes

Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Zoom app has become a critical tool for conducting online classes. Apart from video calling family and friends, Zoom is a fantastic tool for holding virtual classes and meetings. Zoom is used by many educational establishments, schools, and universities to conduct online classes. It can accommodate up to 100 people at the same time. The programme also enables for the creation of breakout rooms, screen sharing, and the use of group chat for class discussion. Classes can also be conveniently recorded.

  1. Google Classroom- free LMS

Google Classroom combines all of Google’s standard G Suite tools, such as Documents, Sheets, and Meetups, to help you manage and deliver online classes more effectively.

Learning management system (LMS) software provides a centralized location for all of your organization’s administration, supporting documents, reporting, and training requirements, as well as tools for planning lessons, hosting virtual lessons, and creating assignments.

ViDU – Best Learning Management System LMS provider in India

  1. Microsoft Teams-digital learning hub

Microsoft Teams is a free application that provides a comparable set of virtual tutoring tools to Google Classroom. Communication, information, and engagement may all take place in a single online realm. Microsoft Teams is an excellent option for setting up secure online classes, exchanging assessments and feedback, and improving staff communication.

  1. Blackboard-for top-tier higher education LMS

Blackboard is a modern and straightforward higher education learning management system. It offers a dynamic, user-friendly online learning environment with a variety of customized solutions. Blackboard has many versions, including Blackboard for Learn, which identifies obstacles to student progress, Blackboard Predict, and Blackboard Intelligent, which keep students on track and boost academic performance.

  1. Edmondo-for student tutor communication

Edmondo is a social platform for classroom discussion and organization that includes post and direct message features. It facilitates communication between tutors and students, as well as between tutors and parents. The site can be used to exchange tests and study materials, as well as to assist students in learning new online skills, to post classroom updates, and to talk with individuals directly. It’s a good asynchronous online tutoring tool for students who don’t always have access to a computer at home or to a good Wi-Fi signal.

  1. Todoist-Organize your tasks

Todoist is an online to-do list tool. It allows you to prioritize your chores and stay focused on your future critical tasks, as well as arrange all of your work in one spot. It serves as a command center for getting things done.

  1. Loom-Create instant video explainers and demo

Loom is an online tool that allows you to make screencast films in seconds, with or without audio. It’s an excellent tool for creating lessons and demonstrations. It’s incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is start recording your screen, and when you’re finished, you’ll get a shareable link to your film.

  1. Dropbox Paper- Collaborate your document

Dropbox Paper is a remote-friendly word processor that gives you a clean workspace to create, share, and edit documents with others in real time. It’s an excellent option for student projects because it allows you to add comments directly via document. It is currently a free utility that does not require a subscription. Its Slack integration is a wonderful addition if you want to keep all of your communications in one place.

  1. Idroo- for online whiteboards and live explanation

Idroo is a virtual classroom whiteboard that allows you to live-annotate PowerPoint, PDF, and Word documents. It’s incredibly easy to use. Create an online account to get started.

Final thoughts!

Live Class Tutoring Software gives tutors the best platform for online teaching. With live class tutoring software, tutors can schedule live classes, create their own syllabus and lesson plans, create a student roster and track students’ progress.

By now, you should have a general idea of what Live Class Tutoring Software is and the benefits it can provide to your organization. If you’d like to learn more about our live tutoring software, head over to our website or contact us today!

We also offer great customer service and technical support to help you get started quickly. What is your opinion of this software? Do you think it would be useful in your classroom? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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