Online Exam Software for Tutors Make a Great Online School Teacher

Online exam software

Are you a tutor who wants to make the move to online tutoring? If so, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Online exam software can be an invaluable resource for tutors who want to move their lessons online.

Online exam software for tutors can be a great way to make your online school teaching experience more efficient and fun. These tools can help you keep track of your student’s progress, help to identify any areas where they may need more assistance, give them feedback on their exams, and even provide them with resources to help them learn the material.

Why online exam software?

Online exam software for tutors is gaining in popularity as a way for online tutors to grade and administer exams electronically. This type of software can provide a number of advantages for both tutors and students. Tutors can grade exams quickly and easily, and they can also track the progress of their students more effectively. Students appreciate the convenience of online exams, and they also find that they can learn more effectively when exams are administered electronically.

Types of online exam software for online tutors

  • ViDU
  • Learnyst
  • Classplus
  • ExamOnline
  • SpeedExam
  • ProctorU
  • TCExam
  • Kaldin
  • R-Exams

A must have online exam software for online tutors-ViDU

ViDU is an online tutoring platform that allows course creators, individual tutors, coaching schools, and training organizations to easily create, sell, and monetize their online courses.

Exam software and live classes software are available from ViDU, allowing users to create mock exams, quizzes, test series, live classes, and live recorded courses, as well as broadcast them globally.

Tutors can also conduct hassle-free live classes and communicate with their students directly.

Let’s take a closer look at ViDU’s exam software.

What is the purpose of the ViDU exam software?

ViDU exam software enables educators to easily create and sell mock tests, test series, and quizzes. The software includes a “bulk upload” feature that allows tutors to upload multiple questions at once rather than one at a time. This saves time and simplifies the task.

What is included in the exam software?

ViDU provides course creators with a personalized website that includes scrolling banners and has a professional appearance. Educators can make changes to the coding and customize the website to their needs. ViDU now offers a branded mobile app that allows students to take mock tests on the go.

Students can use the platform’s preloaded assessments to help them prepare for competitive exams. Educators can sell their tests within multiple packages. Students are given a comprehensive report that includes information on the number of examinations attempted and the time spent on each one.

ViDU exam software features

  1. Bulk upload: The test software offers a bulk upload feature that allows educators to upload numerous questions at once rather than one at a time, which saves time and makes the process easier.
  1. Online assignments: Mock tests, test series, and quizzes can be created and sold on a branded website using this platform.
  1. Secured tests: Tutors can protect their tests from unauthorized users by assigning them a password.
  1. Analytics: Educators can obtain a summary of activity duration, market analysis, and reports of assigned users from all participants.
  1. Monetization: The software allows you to sell several tests as part of a single package, as well as integrate a payment channel and monetize content.
  1. Branded mobile app: Educators can offer their curriculum exclusively through a branded mobile application provided by the software.
  1. Visual solution: Tutors can create video solutions for their learners to explain the concept clearly.
  1. User Interface Test Panel: A user interface test panel, identical to the online exam panel, is included in the software. Students can prepare for their exams by practicing them before taking up the actual exam. This will enhance their confidence.
  1. Student Analytics: Students are given an analytics report that shows their performance in each segment, as well as a time analysis and their score in comparison to other students.
  1.  Study Material: Students can refer to the study material provided by the exam software after receiving their results in order to improve their performance.

Advantages of online exam software for online tutors

  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • User-friendly
  • Trustworthy
  • Improves assessments
  • Reduced administration expenditure
  • Secured
  • Conserves paper
  • Time savior
  • Eco-friendly

Disadvantages of online exam software

  • Difficulty in adopting the technology
  • Possibility of cheating
  • Difficulty in evaluating Long-answer Type
  • Technical issues
  • Evolution from closed book exams to open book exams

Final Thoughts!

Online exam software for tutors make a great online school teacher! Keeping track of grades and progress is easy with online exam software and it can provide tutors with a detailed report of their student’s progress. Comment below if you would like to learn more about online exam software for your classroom!

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