The 3 best platforms to create and sell live classes in 2022

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Online education has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. It offers an immense amount of flexibility and convenience that traditional education cannot compete with. The online education industry is expected to be worth $325 billion by 2022. This presents a huge opportunity for anyone looking to create and sell live classes online. But with so many different platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. In this blog post, we will take a look at the three most popular online class platforms and compare them based on price, features, usability, and scalability.

What is a live class?

Live classes are an interactive learning experience that takes place in real-time. Students and instructors are able to communicate with each other through chat, voice, and video features. This type of learning allows for greater collaboration and engagement among students, as well as more personal interaction with the instructor. Additionally, live classes provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and get immediate feedback.

With this type of learning, students can attend real-time classes with a live instructor without having to leave their home or office. Live classes offer students the opportunity to interact with the tutor and other students in real time, ask questions, and get feedback. This format also allows for more personalized instruction than traditional classroom settings. Live classes are ideal for students who want to learn at their own pace or have busy schedules.

The obvious benefit of online learning lies in its flexibility: students can log in at any time and from any location. But this perceived freedom has allowed for a disconnection from classmates and professors that can be discouraging. When people are able to see, hear, and interact with one another in real time, studies have shown they are more likely to form social bonds with their peers.

The 3 best platforms to create and sell live classes in 2022

  1. ViDU


ViDU is an eLearning course creation software that helps course creators to create and sell online courses at ease. Educators can use the platform to conduct live classes without trouble, as well as record and sell live classes. ViDU helps dedicated people pursue their ambition of becoming a course creator while also allowing them to earn a steady income from the comfort of their own home. Coaching institutes can use ViDU to increase their student enrollment and brand awareness. ViDU has helped many training organizations to earn a higher revenue.

ViDU Products:

ViDU offers exam software and live classes software to create and sell mock tests, test series, quizzes, and live classes at ease.

Product Details:

Exam Software: The exam software allows educators to create mock tests, test series, quizzes at ease. The software has many features that simplify mock test creation. Let’s have a look at these features in detail.

Exam software features:

  • Bulk upload: The software has a “bulk upload” feature that allows uploading multiple questions at once saving a lot of time.
  • Password: Educators can set passwords on their tests to protect them from illegitimate users.
  • Online assessment: Conduct online assessments through existing websites or get brand new websites.
  • App based assessments: Deliver your content to a broader audience through branded applications.
  • Reports & analytics: The software provides summary of duration, analysis, reports of the assigned users among all other students.
  • Visual solutions: Explain your concepts more clearly to your audience by creating video solutions.
  • Monetization: The software allows you to sell single or multiple tests within a single package. Monetize through your content by integrating payment gateway.
  • User interface tests panel: The exam software has an easy to use user interface tests panel that is similar to the actual exam platform. Students can use this UI panel to practice for their exams before appearing for the actual exam to boost their confidence.
  • Results: Students are provided with the best student analytics showing their performance, percentage, time taken to attend tests and so on compared to other students.
  • Study material: After announcing the results, students are provided with study material to improve their performance.
  • Preloaded tests: The software contains around 220 preloaded SSC and bank questions.

Live classes software: The live tutoring software allows tutors to conduct live classes without any hassles. They can also record and sell their live classes at ease. The software has many features that makes it user-friendly and one of a kind. Tutors can interact with their students directly without depending on any other platform such as YouTube. ViDU adapted this feature based on customer feedback.

Let us take a detailed look at the features.

Live tutoring software features:

  • Course creation: The software allows you to upload documents like mp4, PDFs, PPT, quizzes to any lectures.
  • Forum: Discussion threads can be created where learners and tutors can share their thoughts.
  • Bookmark videos: Videos can be bookmarked minute by minute saving learner’s time and efforts.
  • Interactive classes: Learners can raise their queries and get it clarified by tutors without disturbing the entire class.
  • Online notes: Important notes (dates, topics, references and so on) can be noted down by students during live classes.
  • Incorporate study material: Tutors can upload PDF, PPT, Docs on the platform along with live classes.
  • Content security: The platform does not allow screenshots, video downloads, screen recording from illegitimate users.
  • Diverse payment gateways: Payment gateway integrations like PayTM, Razorpay, PayUMoney and so on.
  • Detailed students report: Complete student details including their performance, learning path is provided.

Additional features:

  • Personalized website: The platform provides customized websites with scrolling banners making the website look more professional. Members can customize the website as per their requirements.
  • Mobile application: ViDU has worked hard to provide mobile applications. The app is supported on the android platform.
  • Branding: The application will be branded by the user’s name.
  • Sell through app: The platform lets you sell your courses through your own app and website exclusively.

Pricing: ViDU offers different pricing.

  1. Panopto


Panopto is a web-based lecture platform for universities and other large organizations. They sell software for recording lectures and searching videos.

Important features

Panopto offers technologies comparable to YouTube and integrates with a learning management system (LMS) for online learning. In comparison to other live streaming alternatives, the platform offers a more concentrated digital video organization. Video monetization is not included. It has the capability of encrypting live streaming and event content. One of its security features is this. Existing authentication methods can be integrated by users. White labeling is available on all plans, and an API is available.

Additional features

  • Software  for recording and searching videos
  • Features for access control and security
  • LMS systems integration
  • APIs for future integration
  • Streaming under white-label
  • Audio content
  • Insights
  • Data indexing
  • Personalized marketing
  • Full-text search
  • Video content
  • Resource classification

Pricing: Panopto has three pricing packages.

Free$14.99/moContact Panopto

The full-time equivalent student pricing is used to determine educator pricing. Plans begin at $500.

  1. Muvi


Muvi is a platform for online live classes. Muvi’s core product offering is an enterprise SaaS platform. Muvi’s elearning video platform provides a variety of live streaming functions.

Muvi makes it simple for media content owners to monetize their video and audio assets. Owners of media material can create their own Multi-Screen Video and Audio Streaming (Live and On-Demand) platforms. Muvi is a Software-as-a-Service developer (SaaS model).

Important features

Muvi allows you to quickly develop a multi-screen platform. Their video streaming systems offer a diverse set of features and capabilities. Subscriptions, pay-per-view, and advertisements are all supported by this platform for video monetization. This API is also available through Muvi, as well as white-label video players. They also provide VOD and audio streaming services. It’s all controlled and managed through a single CMS. 

Additional features

  • Personalized marketing on a white-label basis
  • Video player in HTML5
  • Analytical video
  • Tools for monetization
  • Features of DRM and security
  • Hosting in real time and on demand
  • Strong CDN
  • CMS for video
  • Transcoding
  • Safe broadcasting
  • Mobile and TV Websites and Apps


$399/mo$1,499/mo$3,900/mo$8,900/moCustom plan including everything in the ultimate plan with premium services and project management.

How to choose the right platform for you?

Here are some factors to consider while choosing the live tutoring platform.

  1. Security: Ensure that the platform you have opted for provides content security. The platform should be able to protect your online content from illegitimate users.
  1. Privacy settings: The live tutoring platform must provide privacy. It should enable private hosting.
  1. White-label video player: The platform should allow you to advertise your content on your own name.
  1. Monetization: You should be allowed to monetize and earn a great revenue through the platform.

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Final thoughts!

When it comes to choosing a platform to create and sell live classes, there are a few options to consider. In this article, we’ve looked at the three best platforms for doing this in 2022. We’ve also discussed the key features of each one. Do you have any other tips to share? Leave a comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear from you. Also, be sure to like and follow our page for more helpful content like this.

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