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It is no secret that today’s job market is competitive. With unemployment rates at a record low, professionals are often faced with the challenge of not only finding a job but also making themselves stand out among other qualified candidates. This can be done by using assessment tools to prove your strengths and potential as an asset to the company. While there are several different kinds of assessments available, one of the most effective ways to prove yourself is through online assessments.

What is an online assessment?

An assessment is a test or examination designed to measure the performance, skill, or knowledge of students or workers in some domain.

They are one of the most effective ways to gauge your skills. Since assessments can be used for various purposes across different disciplines and settings, they are also referred to as exams, tests, quizzes, exercises, and even checklists.

They are an opportunity for you to work on improving your weakest areas, they are also a way for potential employers or clients to learn more about you.

There are numerous assessment solutions on the market that aid in the creation of online assessments. You can either pay someone to provide you with an assessment or look for options online. Today, I’ll be discussing one of the best options!

What is an online assessment tool?

Assessment solutions is a niche market which has grown with the growing awareness regarding assessment activities online. The online assessment solutions are used for making the work of students and teachers easier. These services provide access to over millions of tests, quizzes, flashcards and audio tracks.

Assessment solutions is one of the best places where you can search for all your academic needs. Whether it’s an assignment help or any type of test preparation and more.

Best online assessment tool-ViDU

ViDU is one of the best online assessment tools. It’s a software-as-a-service platform that enables course designers to build and sell courses, quizzes, and mock examinations. ViDU makes creating online examinations a breeze. Go to the website and fill out the registration form. After you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll be given access to the admin dashboard. Many choices are available in the admin dashboard, including course design, mock tests, and live streaming of classes. Create mock tests by selecting the option. Create your own tests/quizzes on any subject and sell them to students all over the world.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to create an online assessment, mock tests and quizzes at ViDU with a variety of different question types. You can use them to help your students reach their full potential.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Visit the website and register with ViDU.

Step 2: After logging in, you will be directed to your dashboard. On the left side of the screen, you can see a list of ViDU’s key features.

Step 3: On the left side of the screen, select “tests and questions.” Select “create new question.” Choose a question type from the dropdown menu, such as “multiple choice questions,” “comprehension questions,” “fill in the blank questions,” “numeric input questions,” or “matrix match questions.”

Step 4: After you’ve chosen the type of question, enter your question in the “add question” box, set your answers, and provide a solution.

Step 5: The next step is to save and exit. Your query will be created.

Tests can be created similarly.

Detail section: To create a test, some parameters must be set, such as the test title, test category, test instructions, and some basic settings, such as the test language, start and end date of the test, time limit, negative marking, test status, and so on.

Content Section: Choose a test category, a question type, and then add questions.

Publish: Go to the publish section, choose your test type, and tag the test to a specific package to monetize it. You can also make the test available for free.

ViDU allows you to create live classes in a similar manner. Read the detailed blog post on how to create live classes at ViDU.

ViDU exam software features

ViDUs exam software has a plethora of features that allow course creators to easily create mock tests, quizzes, and test series. This aids in determining the students’ potential.

Let us take a closer look at some of the features:

Bulk upload: ViDU’s exam software includes a bulk upload feature. You can upload multiple questions at once using the bulk upload feature. This simplifies the creation of mock tests by eliminating the need to upload questions one by one, saving a significant amount of time and effort.

Online assessment: Using this feature, you can conduct an online branded assessment with your existing website or get a new branded website.

Security: To protect their tests from unauthorised users, creators can assign them a password.

User analysis: The exam software includes user analytics and reports that provide an overview of time distribution, trend analysis, and sectional reports for all test takers.

Sell your tests: You can also sell your mock tests as a single package using the exam software. You can integrate a payment gateway and earn money from your content.

Deliver through app: Course creators can create a branded app to reach a larger audience with their content.

Video content: The mock test software allows the creators to make video solutions for their audience to help them understand concepts more clearly.

Exam software’s additional features

Along with the features listed above, the exam software includes additional features. Let us take a closer look at them.

Professional website: The exam software provides the course creators with a personalised website. The website has scrolling banners that give it a professional appearance. The website will be given to the members along with the complete code so that the tutors can customise it according to their needs.

Mobile application: The software includes a branded mobile app. This will allow learners to give mock tests while on the go.

Packages: The software allows you to sell tests or series of tests based on the package’s various combinations.

Free tests: The software includes a preloaded set of 200 ssc and bank questions to help users get started on their preparations.

Analytics: The platform offers comprehensive learner analytics, including information such as the number of attempted tests, the amount of time spent on each test, and so on.

Exam software, like tutors, provides advantages to their students as well. Some of the advantages are listed below.

User interface test panel: Your students will benefit from the exam software as well. Students will have access to a user interface test panel that includes a real-time exam simulation. The test panel is comparable to the online panel used for competitive exams. This is intended to boost the learner’s confidence while taking the actual exam.

Analysis: Students can view their performance in tests, the amount of time spent on each test, and compare their scores with other students using the software’s analysis report. This will assist them in improving in the necessary areas.

Study material: After the results are announced, the software provides students with study materials. Students can use this to help them improve their performance.

A detailed blog about how to create your first course with ViDU.

To wrap up things!

The importance of online assessment in elearning cannot be overstated. It is not necessary to be an expert to make them. There are numerous online assessment programmes that can assist you in creating tasks for online evaluation. You must tailor your approach to measuring student learning and related software to your specific demands and desired outcomes.

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